Testimonies to share


Dear Child of God, do you have a testimony to share? Are you not ashamed to share what the Lord has done for you? Are you a preacher and are you willing to share what you know about Jesus? Are you a writer and you are not ashamed to write for Jesus? Are you a giver and you not ashamed to share with the poor and the needy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you not ashamed to bring souls to Christ and you are willing to go to any length as a kingdom networker? Are you a counselor and are you willing to work with us help the wounded? What do you have to give to orphans, widows, poor and the needy? Are you bold enough to go out and meet the under privileged? Listen, I am inviting you to join hands with us in our endeavors to reach the uttermost parts of the world preaching One Gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching to the poor.

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